Friday, October 08, 2004

". . . like a malignant lump, a festering murmur, in the karmic heart . . ."

Gadgets. I love gadgets, and I enjoy shopping (read: spending money). However, I do try to be frugal. For example, I spent much too much time in Wal-Mart six months ago trying to decide on the proper toilet brush (I know, I know). Our old brush was, quite frankly, disgusting, and I was tired of taking a pumice stone to the rim underneath (yes, people actually do that).

Since there have been some interesting developments on the toilet-cleaning front since last I purchased a toilet wand (1999, the year we got married). I read the outer packages, opened up the box and looked at the various devices as best I could, etc. Finally, I selected the Lysol Ready Brush. I figured it made more sense to purchase occasional refill bottles rather than use a new scrub pad every time.

The Ready Brush isn’t bad—the foam is thick and smells good, and the cost of refills are reasonable. However, it wasn’t what I was looking for. It doesn’t get under the rim well at all, and the brush head is an awkward size to get at the bottom of the bowl. So, after using it for awhile, I decided to swallow my pride and buy yet another toilet bowl cleaning system, the Clorox ToiletWand. This one really as great as the adverts say it is. And anything that gives the good folks in San Fran fits makes me smile inside.

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