Friday, January 06, 2006

The Sacred Nursery

I think many of the cognoscenti are beginning to wake up to the reality of their lack of reproductive fitness (for example, university-educated women have a 35 percent lower fitness than those who leave school as early as possible).

After defining the worldliness which is killing our best and brightest White and Asian minds, Professor Geoffrey Miller speculates that the most important factors that will keep a population from entertaining itself to death include those which are near and dear to the Kinist heart: "Those who persist will evolve more self-control, conscientiousness, and pragmatism. They will evolve a horror of virtual entertainment, psychoactive drugs, and contraception. They will stress the values of hard work, delayed gratification, child-rearing, and environmental stewardship. They will combine the family values of the Religious Right with the sustainability values of the Greenpeace Left."

Of course, Steve Sailer has taken Mark Steyn to task for saying essentially the same thing with regards to the United States. Sailer points out that massive amounts of unskilled Latin American immigration will mitigate any increase in the native population, no matter how booming the natalist movement.

Sailer is right that there isn't much hope for a right-wing political boon from these demographic projections. The USA will become increasingly left-wing and totalitarian as it becomes more similar in population to other Latin-American countries. However, what is not being said is that Whites by definition will become increasingly more racially-aware, Christian, and conservative.

Those Whites who survive will do so only by embracing the Christian values of our ancestors. Whites who do not have a world view which eschews the nihilism of today's entertainment-based culture will see little reason to invest long-term time and resources into enterprises such as marriage or entrepreneurship which are the foundations of successful extended families and communities.

The Christians who survive will survive as Whites only through an explicit racial consciousness; less racially-aware White Christians will be lost through miscegenation and absorption into the majority non-White population. Many mainstream Christians may be comfortable with this, but the Christianity that their children's children may practice will not resemble their own.

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