Tuesday, November 02, 2004

One Tired Biscuit

Yesterday, I took the Skeeter Eater in to have a state-ordered lead screening test. I think I must have blocked out the full horror of it all when the test was being described to me in the pediatrician’s office, because I didn’t realize until we arrived at the lab that she would be subject to a venous draw.

Our little girl was such a trooper. She loves to get out of the house, and loves to see new people. Yesterday was no exception, given that the poor child had no idea what was coming. The phlebotomist had me hold her in my lap while she checked the baby’s right arm for a good vein. Little Bit flirted and cooed at the poor woman in the most charming manner. The poor technician was already beginning to tear up as she placed the rubber tie on the infant’s arm. Finally, she stopped what she was doing to get another nurse to come in and assist. I could tell the experience was bothering her, and our girl hadn’t even started crying yet.

The first stick didn’t work and after digging around for a few seconds, the phlebotomist pulled out and went to the baby’s left arm. By then the baby was crying her poor heart out, the hurt, disappointed, “Why are you hurting me?” kind of crying that makes all adults within earshot feel as bad as the child. I could feel her hot tears fall on my hands as I held her tight to my chest, but thankfully couldn’t see her face. As bad as I felt for my baby, I felt even worse for the two women who looked like they would rather be doing anything else than trying to get blood from a pretty one year-old baby.

The second stick worked and they took a half-tube of blood from our little girl. The phlebotomist said she would probably bruise pretty well. Mr. Blessed removed the sticky tape and gauze from the crooks of both her arms this morning, but there wasn’t much bruising, thank goodness.

After this ordeal, I took Miss Missy to the mall where they have a children’s play area, complete with a rice-filled “sand” box, lots of toys to spill on the floor, and slides and balls of all sizes and textures. (They also had juice boxes, which I was quite grateful for, considering that I hadn’t thought to bring any milk or other fluid.) We had never been there before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. It was wonderful! There was another little boy there who had just turn five (it was his birthday) and Little Bit followed him around, jabbering and smiling. She was able to run around and explore and touch anything she wanted. We were only there for about an hour, but she never stopped moving (and neither did I, picking up after her!).

We left the mall to go to the grocery store. We had just enough time to get the shopping done and be on time to pick Mr. Blessed up from work. The Biscuit seemed a little tired, but I didn’t think much of it, since she always perks up when we get to a new place with new sights, smells, and people to flirt with. She was completely passed out by the time we got to the grocery store, and was still asleep as I pulled her out of the car seat. I considered putting her back in and sitting in the car for a few minutes so she could take a quick “power nap,” but decided that we would be done soon enough, and she could sleep on the way to meet Daddy.

Well, I regretted that decision as soon as I put her in the shopping basket. She sat in the seat, sucking her thumb with her eyes clothes, weaving back and forward like a drunken sailor. She was so tired! She managed to wake herself up by doing this bobble-headed routine enough to start crying, so I moved the cart into the snack area, bought a soda, and sat with her while she took a nap on one of the tables.

Yes, I just laid her out on one of the tables and sat with her while she slept. I had thought about putting her over my shoulder and continuing on, but I needed to buy chicken, and I wasn’t going to hold a baby with one hand while I touched raw chicken with the other. This seemed like a recipe for disaster, so just I sat back and watched my baby sleep. The place was mostly deserted that time of day anyway, so I wasn’t in anyone’s way. The older folks who gravitate to places like this where they can drink coffee and gossip all gathered around to coo at the sleeping baby, but Little Bit didn’t stir but to twitch a foot on occasion. I guess the combination of a traumatic blood draw and running around were too much for her. I had never seen our little Energizer Bunny this tired before.

After about 30 minutes, she woke up and was ready to go. I completed our shopping as fast as I could, and was still able to pick Mr. Blessed up on time.


muse said...

Hope the tests come out ok.

Mrs. Blessed said...

Oh! I am sure she will be fine. We have absolutely no risk factors for elevated lead levels. However, NY requires that all children be tested at age one and two. Thank you very much for your concern. :)