Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I'm Back!

I’m Back!

I cannot believe I started this blog in 2004.  Has it been ten years?  I intend to start blogging again in the tradition of blog as a diary.  I have been missing telling the truth.  Facebook and Twitter are not places to tell the truth.  I have no desire to hurt friends or family.  I also have no desire to fight with anyone.  For now, I can be almost anonymous.  I say “almost,” because Google insists on linking Gmail accounts, so it is only a matter of time before they out us all.

I stayed away for years because I was afraid of being outed professionally for my reactionary beliefs.  However, as the economy continues to decline, my “profession” is falling away.  This is for the best, as I was a minor cog in an evil machine.  I justified what I did (and still do) by noting that there are hundreds of people lined up to take my job, and that my participation (or lack of) changes nothing about the industry.  The work I did allowed me to be at home with my kids (although I was distracted and exhausted, working nights and dozing on the couch during the day).  It also paid well.  Later, I will write more about the industry, which is in its death throes.  I hope that by 2015 it will be dead, dead, dead, although this would put me in a personal financial pickle.

Happy 2014!

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