Saturday, February 11, 2017

Don't Draw the Attention of Kek

There is a minor kerfuffle happening on Twitter right now, whereby some antifa found her live-in boyfriend lying dead.  He, too, was apparently some well-known “punch a Nazi” antifa.  She then proceeded to “live Tweet” the aftermath—the police coming, the clean up, etc. Apparently she has received donations after this performance piece, and I do not begrudge that at all, because even simple funerals are terribly expensive.

As one would predict, she is now being hounded by many acolytes of Kek, who are doing the whole “the only good communist is a dead communist” thing on her Twitter feed.  None of this should be surprising or even interesting.  Based on absolutely nothing, I suspect the woman to be a malignant narcissist who is happy to be either loved or hated but never ignored.  My only interest is what young people might be learning from watching things like this unfold.  Are they learning the fundamental human truth that if you love something, you keep it to yourself?  If it is important to you, then you don’t expose it to the world to be pissed on by your enemies, or even by bored strangers?  I wonder if we will we see this kind of self-flagellating over-exposure increase or decrease in the next few decades.

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