Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Just Another Day

A lot of folks have been talking about the recent retarded tweet from some BLM spokeswoman, who said that “white ppl are a genetic defect of blackness.”  Vox Day posted about this, Styxhexenhammer666 made a YouTube video on it, etc. Meanwhile, thousands marched in Milwaukee to protest Sheriff David Clarke’s audacious attempt to enforce existing laws.  It was billed as another “Day Without Latinos.”  

This event didn’t get much coverage from the alt-right, at least from what I can see. The reason why is that the United States is, at heart, the racist country that Latinos have always accuse it of being. In many ways, we have proven the point of all of those marching Mexicans—we just don’t see ‘em.  The American psychic landscape remains black and white. Everything is analyzed through the lens of white versus black American culture.

Wisconsinites probably did see safer schools and neighborhoods with all those criminal aliens and fellow-travelers clustered together away from people who had to go to work. I am sure that Milwaukeeans will enjoy the prolific trash heaps that they will have to clean up after the protestors are bused home to wherever they came from. But aside from the hassle of having yet another traffic jam, this protest was a dud. While Americans (white and black) do want illegals gone, Hispanics do not have much resonance in American culture, good or bad. They have contributed less to American culture per capita than would be expected, given that many Latinos have been living in the American Southwest since before there was a United States. 

For better or worse, Black Americans have had an inordinate impact on American culture, greatly beyond what would be predicted from their representation in the population (12%). While the footprint of Black culture is over-sized, the footprint of Hispanic culture is under-sized.  Where are the breakthrough Hispanics artists, scientists, civic leaders, or philanthropists, for example?  Aside from food, what impact has Hispanic culture made on American culture?  

Thus, when the alt-right considers pervasive threats, it makes sense to focus on some random social media bleat than on an anti-deportation march. What happens on a #DayWithoutAMexican? Apparently the same thing that happens with him—not much.

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